About Us

Located on Last Mountain Lake the Regina Sailing Club aims to provide opportunities for club members to enjoy recreational sailing, and improve members’ sailing skills through training and competition.

Our Board

How to find us

The Regina Sailing Club is a short drive north west of Regina. It is about 35 minutes from the north end of the city.

* To get there head north on Albert St./Highway #11 to Lumsden.
* At the Lumsden exit turn right on to Hwy. #20 towards Craven.
* Continue through Craven about 10 km. Just past “Last Mountain House” turn left on  to Hwy #322 to Silton and Saskatchewan Beach.
* At Silton turn left, cross the railway tracks and take the gravel road straight ahead until you come to the cemetery.
* Turn left towards the lake, go down the hill, then turn right.  Regina Sailing Club and Last Mountain Sailing Club facilities are just east of the public boat ramp on Scarborough Street. Look for the sailboats and there you are! This map can help if you get to Silton.

The club is listed Google Maps as a location if that is better for you.

Contact Us

Our contact details are below:

Call or text: 639-800-SAIL(7245)

e-mail: more information