The “Business Model” for the Regina Sailing Club is based on members paying a low annual membership fee in return for volunteering to develop and maintain club infrastructure and program activity.

Club members are thus encouraged to volunteer their labour towards upkeep of the club and so more equally “share the load” – while recognizing that some members will prefer not to volunteer their labour in return for a higher annual fee. Under this system, a “Single Member” volunteering 15 hours of labour on pre-approved work projects satisfies the “club maintenance” requirement.  This potentially reduces the total cost of membership to the “basic annual fee”.  For other Membership Categories the “maintenance component” is similarly calculated on a pro-rated basis.

Membership CategoryAnnual Fees (2024)
 Basic (Due upon joining/start of season)Maintenance (Due Oct 2nd but can be worked off, see below)
New Member late season Application 50% of Student, Family or Single50% of Student, Family or Single
New Member Current Year RSC Sailing School “Grad” 25% of   Student, Family or Single50% of Student, Family or Single
Day (limit 2 per season)$15.00n/a
Late Penalty after May 31$ 50.00n/a

The Membership Application Form has two components – a Basic Fee & a refundable Maintenance Fee. You may choose to pay in full or pay Membership at time of application and Maintenance by cheque post-dated October 1st, or fill out a Promissory Note form that’s page 2 of the waiver. You will be refunded up to 100% of the Maintenance Fee depending on recorded & approved hours of work. thresholds and details listed below.


Students are full time students under the age of 25. The required work hours for a 100% refund is 5 hours worked for this category.


Membership for one person. Any guests that the member may want to bring will need to purchase a day pass if they are wanting to join on a club boat, or they can be on a member boat with the members permission. Work hours needed for 100% refund for this category is 15 hours.


This group allows you to bring out your family out to club events. Family includes all members of the family that live in the same household. Take your spouse out in one of the club cruisers, or have some fun in a two-handed club dinghy. The work hours needed for a full refund in this category is 15 hours.

New Member late season application

Didn’t find out about us till late in the season? Well the good news is after July 31st the membership fees are reduced to 50% for both base and maintenance fees for the appropriate category. The reduced Maintenance fee is also 100% refundable.

Applicants who were full Club members in the previous 3 years are not eligible for this discount – unless previously approved by the Board of Directors (eg: due to a distant career assignment).

New Member Current Year RSC Sailing School “Grad”

This category is for applicants joining after the current years mobile sailing school at Regina Sailing Club. This is in recognition of fees already paid for the school, there is a discount available of 75% of the appropriate membership category and 50% in the Maintenance Fee (voluntary work requirement).

Late Payment Penalty

Membership Fees are due & payable from the date of the Annual General Meeting. Payment after May 31st will incur a late penalty fee of $50. For insurance reasons members who are not in good standing at this date are not entitled to insurance liability coverage and cannot use the club facilities until they have fully paid their memberships including penalties